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To: You From: Santa

Normally every year I always have to find gifts for my girlfriends. So I usually find something good and that they will use! I’m going to list my ideal 5 top favorite gifts i would usually give. And hope this will be an idea for a friend, sister, or a family member.

1. Miniature Stuff!
Everyone loves tiny stuff! they’re tooo CUTE!
Perfumes, Soaps, Lotions, Nail polishes and sanitation little bottles.

Ideal Stores:Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Bath and Body Works, and some other pharmarcy stores.

2. Sunglasses
The Sun’s coming up soon, Yeah and you’ll need it when the sun shines in your eyes from the reflection of the snow or the chilly windy sunny day. Sunglasses are more needed to protect your pretty eyes. They’re cheap and chic, lots of nice styles out there.

Ideal Stores: Forever 21, Target, 5 dollar sunglasses on Venice Beach, or Some mall’s sunglasses stand.

3. Jewelry Accessories
Everyone likes some jazz on their pizzazz! Jeweleries today are been used in different ways, Necklaces, earrings, Headbands, flower clip-ons, or bracelets. Go with something odd or Huge kind of necklaces will transform your outfit into something amazing.

4. Scarves, Leggings, or Tights.
They’re popular now days during wintertime. It gives you extra warmth in color and style. They make outfits look more fun and adventurous.

Ideal Stores: Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Macy’s, Socks Store, Nordstrom, and Target

5. Magazine Subscriptions
Girls who love fashion, gossip, News, and other things. You should give your friends a magazine subscriptions. it costs less than 20 bucks for a year of magazines coming in the mail. Imagine your friend saving 20-30 bucks for a year of magazine subscriptions.

Ideal Magazines: Elle, Lucky, Cosmopolitian, Nylon, InStyle, Vogue, SPIN, Seventeen, and other various magaiznes you enjoy reading.


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