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My first fashion blog for a line! I found Dalia McPhee through Twitter. They needed bloggers so i decided to grab this opportunity to do the first review of Dalia McPhee.

Draping, Ruffles, and elegance makes Dalia McPhee’s dresses complete. The Spring line of 2010 dresses come in various bright colors and their constructions of the dresses are . This would be the perfect prom dresses for the High School readers! Having a hard time thinking what you want for the prom this year. I have the answer for you guys, DALIA McPHEE! They will make your prom nights unforgettable.

What makes Dalia McPhee‘s dresses stand out from other designers? They are doing “Go Green” with their gowns. some of their dresses will have the label of V which means they’re recycled and reused fabrics for the dress. this is A +! When I was in High School I remember my mom cringing to pay my prom dresses for $200 dollars and it would be just worn for one night! But the whole money went nowhere. Now the dresses Dalia McPhee has is designed for you to help out the environment, when you buy a dress, you are planting a tree in the Tahoe National Forest. You are making a difference! That is what I would do if I had this during my High School years. Readers, consider yourself lucky and knowing you would do something good for you and the mother earth!

Celebrities have been seen with those gorgeous dresses. They are showing up in fashion editorials, red carpet events, and other occasions! I will share some pictures that will be a trend for this season’s prom. I hope this blog will help you envision your perfect prom! It doesn’t have to be for the prom, It could be worn for a special charity event, or the red carpet! You will love this dress forever!

Jennifer Stone at the Emmy’s (she won the Emmy in that dress)

Maiara Walsh from desperate Housewives

Niecy Nash While Hosting the Golden Globes

The Trends that will be popular for the prom would be those looks, I picked 4 looks that will play big for the Prom season this year. You can find more at this link Dalia McPhee

Nude Colors

One Shoulder


Bright Colors/Drapes:

The locations where the dresses could be found at for you people who want it for a prom dress. They are found at specific stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.


400 NorthPark Ctr.
Dallas, TX 75225

2100 Green Oaks Rd.
Ft. Worth, TX 76116

3393 Peachtree Rd. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30326

737 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

Garden State Plaza
Routes 4 & 17
Paramus, NJ 07652

The Plaza
170 N. Gulph Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406

4400 Sharon Road
Charlotte, NC 28211

2255 International Dr.
McLean, VA 22102


Houston Galleria
Store 730
5192 Hidalgo Street
Houston, TX 77056-6404
Phone: 832-201-2700

Grove At Farmers Market
Store 349
189 The Grove Dr.
Suite P 80
Los Angeles, CA 90036-6229
Phone: 323-930-2230

Store 221
10 Oakbrook Center
Oak Brook, IL 60523-1810
Phone: 630-571-2121

Roosevelt Field
Store 524
630 Old Country Road
Garden City, NY 11530-3467
Phone: 516-746-0011


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a little bit of pizzazz

Accessories are becoming more demanding. What is the best accessory you could wear with any outfits. Having a little bit of a pizzazz is a great way. The question is what is the perfect chameleon for day to night outfits? What could you do that would not be freakishly like Lady Gaga but is appropriate? What will make my accessory make my outfit pop out? I have the top 5 favorite accessories that will help any outfits get tuned up.

Chunky Necklaces
The best way to wake up a plain boring shirt or a dress that’s too simple! Add some Color or some texture will help it look way even better! After Work or Class, going out for the night. The best way is to add necklaces and you’ll be all set to go out!

Stud Earrings
The cutest thing that will make your ears look simple than those ghetto loop or door knockers. They’re out of style- go for simple modest studs. They may have it in flowers or something like Animals. But they’re cute when they’re tiny.

Dangling Bracelets
Bare arms aren’t okay- decorate your arms with dangling bracelets or multi hoop bracelets with different textures or Studded bracelets will pop up your arms and make it look like you have sexy arms.

Waist Belts
Belts are becoming popular now days, it doesn’t matter what size but a lot of people love those thick waist belts. I usually go for skinny kind of belts but it helps your outfits, Dresses, blouse, or what fancy or plain looking top you have on, It’ll make your outfit into an another dimension!

Tights/ Socks
Keeping your legs warm during wintertime is fun! Wearing colorful tights and boots are the perfect mix! A fun tip- get a knee length socks that is neutral colored or lighter than the tights tone and slip it in your boots and it will look very warm and cool. Get a lot of crazy fun toned colors and it will keep your outfit fun and you can play with what you have in your closet with it.

Share me your favorite accessories and stuff you like to wear or put on pictures of you guys experimenting! I would love to see viewers sharing what they have tried.

Websites you could buy those kind of accessories

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paint my scars!

Tattoos are meaningful thing. I do tattoos for meaningful reasons instead of looking cool with a cartooned superman or cheesy ex boyfriend names on ther arm. Tattoo today it is becoming a trend to have a permanent accessory to your body. Thus, it may be painful but it depends on your tolerance and how big or small it Is.

People choose to have Tattoos for different reasons. Some may feel like it represents them, or remembrance of a loved one, or WHY NOT!

Me personally have 5 tattoos myself, all of them have a meaning behind it and i would want to share it with you guys and you guys would share me yours and explain why you have it.

My first itty bitty tattoo was this heart on my foot. I have always wanted this to be my first tattoo since high school. I got it in 2008 at Venice Beach. Was the 5 minute tattoo thing! I drew it and it is my favorite symbol. I always sign my name with a heart and it represents who I am.

Second one was the biggest one i have, Flower on my lower back. I’ve thought it for a long time how i can represent my heritage and who i am. I just thought of flowers from different places would represent it pretty well and look feminine instead of having an Italian flag on me where it doesn’t suit me. The flowers on it is Cyclamen (Italian), Dahlia (Mexican), and Plumeria (Hawaiian)- this one is different because I am not Hawaiian but my family usually goes to Hawaii so I always see plumeria and love the smell so I felt like the flowers represents my family.

The third one is the letter XXX I got this on my journey to Amsterdam, Holland during my spring break in 2009. I grew into Amsterdam and loved what they had in the city and I wanted to get “marked” by the city so i thought of the symbol XXX that they have in Amsterdam in a girly letterhead. Now everytime i travel i want to mark myself with something about the journey of my experiences.

The newest addition is a Cupcake. Funny story, last summer when I was visiting my Grandma, her nickname is Cupcake so i explained that I want a cupcake tattoo because of her. She didn’t like the idea so she went to the office room at her house and came with a cupcake with a candle stamp and stamped it on my foot and said this is the farthest you will get. For a pretty long time i warned her i’ll get one someday. Eventually I got it and I got the color colored at the tattoo expo.

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