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Pluck Me!

Eyebrows are very important to your face. It gives your face a personality, you don’t realize it. WHY? because for deaf people we use a lot of facial expressions which we don’t realize how much we use our eyebrows.

When you think of eyebrows. You think of different kind eyebrows. Unibrows, Vulcan eyebrow, tattooed eyebrow, big and bushy eyebrow,  eyebrow piercing and weird looking ones!

For us, we like to keep our eyebrows in our own shapes and personality. I wanted to explain what people do to keep it in their shape and is well-groomed. Some people go get it WAXED, THREADING, or using TWEEZERS.


This is the fastest way you can get unwanted eyebrow hair off. There is either do it at home wax or go to professional to get it waxed off. Sometimes people will go there every 2 weeks. it will probably cost from $5 to $20 dollars depending on where. Waxing is personally a favorite of mine that I like to get it done quickly.


This have become a trend today that is practiced by the Middle Eastern people. Some people are allergic to wax or get really puffy after having a wax, Threading has become the alternative for wax. They use a cotton string and they roll it together and do some different routine how to trap the hair and pull it out.. I have experienced it and I don’t like it the feeling of it getting pulled off. But for those people who are allergic or has reactions to wax, I would suggest threading. Threading usually costs around $7-$20 dollars.


The most painful and time-consuming to get your eyebrows in shape. Sometimes it takes a while to pluck the same hair off.. (I’m sure you’re cringing now because you know the pain) But for tweezing eyebrows or wanting to shape it to look like it’s a natural brow is important. You don’t want to end up looking like Groucho Marx. There is a tool that people use with a pencil and how to measure the brow. You want it to look like this.

Natural Looking brow

Some people happen to not have enough hair or have light-haired eyebrows. I see a lot of mistakes when people try to make their eyebrows look real when it looks like its horrible.. Normally you should invest in something good when you want to look good. It might be pain in the ass for your bank account but in the long run, it’ll help you look good. The mistake I notice is that a lot of people go for the color gray when they should go for brown. Brown/black/dark reddish/brown is the color that helps you look more natural.

Sizes of eyebrows matter too, it is important you look really natural. (The picture above) just shows the one easy rule for your eyebrow shape that should have a natural look for your face. There are some liquid eyebrow liners available at MAC. some people shave their eyebrows and use liquid liner to give them better dramatic look for her face.

The favorite tip that I see people doing that is really helpful for a lot of people who don’t have much hair or their hair on their eyebrows are really thin. A lot of places sell powdered eyebrow color that you can help your eyebrows have better dimension for your face. You even can ask people at the make up counter at department stores or at Sephora how to give you a better, natural, and correct for your face shape and they will love to help you with it. That is what they work for.

Before and After with Powder


They actually do tattoo eyebrows for people who usually don’t have time and struggle to maintain the shape of having a eyebrow looking natural. Tattooing is one easy way out and you will save a lots of money with it not using eyebrow pencils, powdered and other stuff.

Before and After eyebrow tattoo


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Hello Bloggers!

I’ve been on a long unexpected hiatus, now seeing people blog more is giving me the guilt trip! I know a lot of you are wanting to look at my advice related to fashion, beauty, and ideas. I’m gonna share one of my favorite fashion tricks that will make you look 1 million times better when you go out or dress up!

Bra and Underwear are the most important thing hidden in your outfit. My favorite advice comes from Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice from the Spice Girls. She wrote a book called That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between This book has influenced me in everything I do, look for, and wear.

Bra! It’s an important support item for women! 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size, estimates Tracy M. Pfeifer, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City. Are you one of them? Maybe.. If you wear a bra that makes your boob sag, maybe it’s a good idea to go to either Frederick’s Hollywood or Victoria’s secret to see what your real bra size is. They will find your real bra size  for free! It is important to have the right bra size so you can have the Best support for your body. It will affect your back in the future. Think of your health.

My favorite advice I give to my girlfriends are when you wear white Ts, wear tan (or a color bra that matches your skin) Bra! People today make mistakes wearing white bra on white t! This is a NO! Those pictures show which one is better, Which one do you think looks better?

White Bra on White T

Tan Bra on White T

I believe every women should at least invest in a good bra, It doesn’t matter what size you are, INVEST in something good and that will give you good support for your breasts. I always invest into good bras for my “puppies” I always go for black and tan, they go with everything!

The advice on the color tan even goes with for your underwear when you wear white pants, skirts, shorts or whatever is visual! You don’t want people to see your black underwear riding up your butt in your white pants.

I hope you women can share what you have seen changing in your wardrobes with those advice I have shared with you.. Hopefully I’ll get inspired MORE then share my INSPIRATIONS with you people! 😀

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