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Boots! Boots! Boots!

Winter’s coming and it’s the favorite shoe season of mine!!! I love boots! I have a lot of em! They’re an addiction to my feet.


FLATS, my favorite type of boots is because it’s totally comfortable for me and easier for me to be balanced on the ground.. I fractured my ankle a year ago so I’ve always felt comfortable with flats. I usually go for flats or a bit heel on it. I usually would wear it with everything I wear. Black/ brown is the color I usually get for myself.


Flat Boot


HEELS, they’re sexy and helps you have a figure.. and a booty!! Those are good for people who have skinny figurine. They help them have some curves when they don’t have any..

KNEE-HIGH, those kind of boots makes me think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She pulled it off! Not many people can pull it off but if you can then you’re lucky!! Usually when you have long legs, you can make it look good!

RAIN BOOTS, Ready for Rainy days?! This is one of my favorite boots that I like to wear on rainy days or walk in the puddle without getting my legs wet! I’ve seen a lot of people buying rain boots but when is the best time to buy it before the rainy season comes is NOW! Normally during Rainy showers, people will want to buy boots and are not able to find it anywhere at an immediate time.. Let me tell you my secrets, DSW sells rain boots right now.. They have it in different designs, colors, and style.  Target is also selling a lot of cute rain boots for less than 25 bucks! that is a good deal! Get your rain boots now!


Rain boot


MID LENGTH BOOTS, My favorite kind of boot! They r made to look like im wearing grungy boots. Doc Martens are one of those kind of mid length boots. They rock my legs! They usually look good with fishnet tights or patterned tights! This is how you can jazz up your legs and boots!


Doc Martens- Like boot


UGGS, Everyone thinks they’re maybe cute or ugly! But at first I have to admit- I thought it was UGLY! and god forbid I buy Uggs! But now ironically I own 2 Uggs. My feet couldn’t say no to the sheepskin! It was heaven! Yeah call me a fashion embarrassment. But it’s actually comfortable! you can wear it in hot and cold environment. the boots will adjust into your body temperature. Yeah its a sin to the PETA about using animal products. but what can we say to the people who lived during the stone age? they survived. So are we!

Get your Boots and get Walking!!!

Post Your favorite boots so we can share what we like!! :DD


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